Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goodbye and Hello

It wouldn't be right to say hello to Skid without taking a moment to say good bye to Nessie. Nessie, our German Shepherd was the only non border collie at Alta-Pete. .
She did a little herding andplayed a guard dog on a couple tv shows, but her main job was as my companion and protector. She'd been trained to do attack work as a young dog and she always had my back. We had to say good bye to Nessie at the beginning of our spring trip. It was her time. The tumor in her belly was giving her trouble so we released her from her pain, and buried her ashes in our flower garden.

Enter Skid. We met Skid six weeks later as we returned from our trip. He had just flown out of the back of a pickup truck going 90 mph plus on a wide open highway. The truck never stopped and Skid skidded to a stop on the side of the road. After our truck and camper trailer skidded to a stop we ran down the road expecting to find a dead dog. He wasn't dead. He was sensless and on his back. Scott sat him upright and I grabbed a towel so we could take him to the nearest vet. We couldn't see any external injuries but we were sure a vet would tell us to put him to sleep. A half hour later, he got up and sarted to walk around the cab of the truck. An hour later he was playing with our border collies at a pit stop. You would never know anything had happened. He had no tags and wasn't neutered. We questioned ourselves. What do we need with a cute little mutt? Is he of any use? We decided we did have a use for him. Nessie left a big hole in our heart and Skid could fill a little bit of that. So he stayed and we haven't regretted it one bit.