Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

This summer I will be traveling, by myself, from my home in Canada to where I grew up in California. I've done alot of traveling alone and I have never worried about my safety. I always take my dogs with me and as long as Nessie has been around I have felt protected. The truth is that Nessie was a big sweet dopey dog who loved meeting new people, but if I whispered the magic words "Watch 'em" Nessie would change into a barking, lunging attack dog.

If you didn't believe her show of bravery and continued to come toward us, she would bite.

Nessie is gone now and this will be my first trip without her. I have been wondering what I will do for protection from now on. The border collies would be more likely to wag their tails nervously if I was harassed than do anything constructive. I am now proud to say that someone else has stepped up to be my new guardian.

You laugh. Maybe even mock but I'm here to tell you that Scott has learned his lesson. Skid thinks Scott is a good buddy UNTIL he starts to pester me. Then woe to his shirt sleeve!

So watch out all you evil doers. There is a new dog on the block and he will not tolerate any funny business. Think to escape? Think again.