Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Port in the Storm

We have arrived in Michigan, via a soggy stop in Missouri. It rained there. Alot. The animals that lived there didn't seem to mind it and I noticed their guardian dog going about his buisness as if he wasn't loaded down with an extra couple of pounds of mud.
Fortunately, the amazing hospitality extended to the assistance of a tractor to pull us out.
Michigan, right now is warm and the dogs are happy to have the use of kennels to relax in. Bob got the delux kennel as he feels is his due.Skid isn't happy tho. During the day he has been recruited to baby sit the new addition, Sweep Junior. Happily, at night, our host has extended the house privlages to the little dog and he can sleep in the king like manner to which he is accustomed.