Sunday, August 2, 2009

More of the Name Game

In a previous post, I went over how all my dogs got their names but I neglected to mention the cats.
Poe is self explanatory (Edgar Allan) but you might be wondering about Salem.
I picked the name Salem as a tribute to some cats I used to know in my last life. My life before my little house on the prairie. Back when I still lived in Los Angeles and trained animals for television.

Salem was named after this cat, who's name was Boo.And this cat, who's name was WitchOh, and mostly this cat, who's name was Elvis.Collectively, they were all known as Salem and we worked on a TV show called Sabrina The Teenage Witch.
I loved those cats and we got to do some crazy things with them. They always seemed to be up for anything. (this is Witch again)
So, you ask, after all that fun I used to have, does my Salem know any tricks?
Well, you can ask him...

"Hell NO! I'm a cat and everyone knows you can't train a cat! Now go away and quit interrupting my nap."

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