Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jail House Blues

We are staying at a beautiful farm in Tennessee while our dogs become acclimated to the Southern weather. (we are traveling to the national finals in Virginia next week)
After a particularly hot work out, Laddie was offered the use of the really nice kennels here while he cooled down.They have lots of shade and a nice breeze blows through, and inside they have a ceiling fan and a cot to lay on.
All the comforts of home. That is, if Laddie was EVER put in a kennel at home. It's all about Laddie, don'tcha know.


Joan said...

those are really great kennels! I was really impressed with the set up they have. Their farm is so beautiful! You are so close to me, but still can't visit! :(

Camp said...

OH.YOU.KNOW.IT. definitely all about MY sweet Laddie!

Donna Brinkworth said...

Jenny, can you find out where they get those cots? I want one for my old River, who is aging so much boo hoo! I love those things. Even if Lad is not impressed, LOLOL.

Rob said...

Oh Laddie you are so spoilt! Next you will be telling us you got a massage as well!! I'm sure you deserved it.