Saturday, October 16, 2010

Up A Tree

I was walking dogs the other day and heard a "mew, mew!"
After looking around for a while I finally saw this...We have a big turnover in barn cats every year. The adults move on but not before leaving us with a batch of babies to take their place. Because we were gone most of the summer, the most recent batch of kittens didn't realize they shared this farm with humans and dogs.

This one apparently thought the front yard was a green light for kittens and was surprised when the dogs came out.Since none of her elders were coming to her rescue, I bent the branch down enough for her to escape.
She took a short breather in the grass,and then thought it would be safe to hide in the chicken house.
A proverbial "out of the frying pan and into the fire" is that choice.
Unless our chickens are sleeping, they beat the tar out of any cat in their coop.
After a short thrashing she managed to escape with her life.
THIS was not a good day.


Farmchick said...

Cute the little calico kitten.

Hope you can stop by and visit...oh and leave a comment so I know you stopped by! :)

Angus said...

What a wonderful view of sky and sea your chickens have. They must be the most contented birds in ther world !

Jenny Glen said...

The chickens probably think it's the sea 'cause it probably looks huge to them but it's actually just a small lake.

georgia little pea said...

hello :)

i was just wondering if you might explain this -

"We have a big turnover in barn cats every year."

what are barn cats? don't they "belong" to you? are they like feral cats that wander wherever?

thank you.

Jenny Glen said...

Barn cats are best if they are feral. Their job is to keep the mice population down on the farm. (except in the house where the house cats take care of it) Without them, the sheep grain and chicken food would be overrun with mice. Not to mention our dog food which can be several bags at a time stored in the out-buildings, to feed the kennel. Unfortunately, living outside has it's risks (coyotes being the number one problem - owls another) so if the cat is feral, it will run for cover when it hears something, and stay alive. We used to have one barn cat who was neutered. The last neighbor left his unspayed female behind. From some neighboring farm came an unneutered male and the rest is history. We have been trying to catch the males and neuter them but no luck so far. We keep food and water for them in the shop building and the good news is you will have a hard time finding a mouse around here.

georgia little pea said...

i think we need some barn cats here where i live. we have mice AND rats and the street cats are just too well fed to care :p

thank you and have a great day! xox