Friday, November 5, 2010

Quiet Fall

Why oh, why haven't I blogged for a while?
There just isn't much to say, but here's a little bit of the goings on:

Fall, although a busy time of year, is a quiet time for us.
Our winter customer dogs are starting to come in for training.
This year, we had more people tell us that instead of putting them in the kennels, the dogs could go in the tie out yards. (we like this best)
So we built and painted a bunch of new houses.The dogs are settling in and they tell me they like the view.The barn cats are still trying to remain inconspicuous
(if you come to visit, be careful I don't try to slip one or four in your car as a "special" present)and the chickens are trying to eat as much of the unseasonable green grass as they can before it all goes away under a layer of snow.And the sheep?
They are building up their strength for the upcoming winter training season,and dreaming.
Dreaming of a world with no dogs.Except for maybe the occasional sleepy guardian dog.
That would be ok.


Camp said...

heehee looks like a little military installation...barracks...but very nice for sure! the picture of the barn is wonderful

Donna Brinkworth said...

If things will be quiet for awhile, I am going to come see you and Scott!!!! BWAHAHAHAA...(I will of course email and / or call first)...

Cathy Dietrich said...

I love the dog houses. Did you design them yourself, or do you have a plan that you can refer me to? We keep our dogs kenneled in the pole barn, but your photo has inspired me to prompt my husband to make some dog houses for those good-weather days. Thanks!

Jenny Glen said...

We copied our dog yards (along with our dog truck and several other things) from the sled dog community. The website address for the houses is:

they are super easy to make and cost only $23 per house, and then I painted them to match our barn!