Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Outside

So much for the green grass!Don't worry about us too much though, it was 41F when I took this so it won't stick around long.

I trudged through the snow to check on the guardian dogs.
Look who's staying behind the fence!Togo was never much for wandering off the property so we didn't do any fence training with him but when Alaska came along, Togo took his new pack on the road.
SO we put them in a small pasture this week and... (cue the dramatic music) electrified the fence!

Alaska is sad.
She liked wandering.OK.
Not that sad.I think she'll recover.So the team is now guarding our property and only our property,And everything is as it should be.


Michele said...

we had the snow shocker up here last week . I am so done with snow. Guard dogs look great . Alaska sure is getting big!

The Wife said...

Love the last picture! Looks like they are doing an excellent job!