Friday, October 14, 2011

Full House

In the interest of Affirmative Action, I decided that we needed to get a little diversity into our flock.
So I brought in 3 white hens.
But these aren't just ordinary white hens.
These girls have had a brush with Hollywood.OK - it was only a brush.
They had an audition for Canada's Got Talent and they didn't get picked.
I hear it was the other talent (who shall remain nameless but shall be referred to as "that dog") who blew their chance.
Since I am no stranger to the pitfalls of The Industry, I took them in.
They are now using their leisure time to explore our farm.They are learning that you don't have to be in tinsel town to need to watch out for predators,And although they have missed out on the mansion in The Hills, the accommodations aren't so bad here,But at least one star struck girl still has her eyes on the horizon."Ahh, but what if?"


manymuddypaws said...

haha! poor swifty gets the blame all the time..

Anonymous said...

So what exactly was their "talent"? Please don't tell me they danced on a hot plate!!


Jenny Glen said...

I think they played (read: pecked) instruments.

Ryker said...

The big city lights are overrated, I think they got the better deal.