Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still A Working Dog

Scott and I own border collies - arguably the best working dogs.
My parents have rough collies - bred for their looks only, but they can surprise you as working dogs.
Their youngest dog, Kane, is considered a canine good citizen, he is started on his agility letters and likes moving sheep around when he gets the chance.
And if you need your newspaper brought in the house, he's the dog for you!
But Kane's most rewarding job is his therapy work.
Kane is in demand for several areas of therapy, from retirement homes, to hospitals, to "lock down" facilities where the residents are in restraints. (only the calmest and most confident dogs get picked for that job)
However, Kane's forte is children - in the pediatric wards in hospitals, troubled therapy groups, and like this week, reading days in the library.
Kane gives them no comments, no criticism. 
Just his attention.
 Who wouldn't feel better about reading with a soft supportive audience like that?


Camp said...

what a lovely dog. Such a great thing they are doing. Particularly love the last photo, that face is amazing.

manymuddypaws said...

awww how sweet!

onecollie said...

what do you mean collies are bred for their looks only ?? LOL!!!
Kane is an awesome dog!!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

He IS a beautiful dog. Do school kids know who Lassie is anymore?

Jenny Glen said...

They don't seem to. My dad says they always ask what kind of dog he is. When he goes to retirement homes though, he hears lots of stories about collies they had or knew as a kid.

Erin O said...

Bless your parents for having the time and energy to share Kane with so many folks that need him.