Monday, April 30, 2012

Talking Turkey

We are traveling for the next 2 months for competitions and Scott will be teaching several clinics.
The current farm we are visiting sent out the welcoming party as we arrived and we were greeted by all sorts.
Some spruced up for our visit and took a bath,
 others were a little standoffish,
 but some showed they were cock of the walk.
Finally the big boys came out.
They weren't quite as happy about our visit and spent the afternoon circling the camper and letting us know who was actually in charge.
Needless to say, Skid was really hoping I'd accidentally leave the door open.
Somehow I think that would be a very bad idea. (and I don't mean for the turkeys)


thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh Skid...

MTWaggin said...

It's okay Skid, you can keep them at bay with your "evil eye" through the window. Messing with turkeys is never a good idea!

Ryker said...

Skid, you best watch out for those big birds. They can be a handful!