Friday, August 3, 2012

Waiting On The Weather

In order for Mikey to recover fully from his knee surgery, he needs to have some hydrotherapy.
So we bought him a pool.
Well, we waited too long and all the good pools were gone so really, we bought him a glorified kiddie pool, but it will do the job.
There it is.
And why is this not a picture of Mikey and I working on his leg in the water?
Because I have to go in with him.
And this is a picture of what the farm looks like today from another angle...
It's not even going to reach 63F today!
Sorry, Mikey.
We'll work on your exercises outside the pool today and try it out tomorrow.
When it's 83F.
Stay tuned.


Camp said...

head to the sporting goods store, neoprene suit! i've worn overalls early in the season or when it cooled off in grow numb to it pretty quick :-D I have tobe careful here not to swimthe dogsin water that is too warm.that is not good for them.

mikey is ready!

Canines 'N Ewe said...

My pool is 82 degrees..LOVE it!

Monique said...

Around here you can get wetsuits at goodwill even