Saturday, September 8, 2012


It may be the end of our hay growing year, but the young animals on the farm are continuing to get bigger.
Alice and Queen are 10 months old now and have already started a little bit of sheepdog training.
(my weeds are growing too, but try not to notice that)

The chicks I got just a few months ago almost look like hens now,
And Rabbit and her other 2 lamb friends get worked by the dogs just like the big girls do.
Then there are those who are fully grown, but still act like a child...
Alaska will be two in November. 
That's considered an adult guardian dog,
But no one told her that.


Monique said...

HA! What is it, a shirt?

Can't believe how big the chicks are

Jenny Glen said...

It WAS a pair of sweat pants, I think. Scott was using it as an oil rag and Alaska is using it as a toy.

Monique said...

Well at least we don't have to worry you are going around naked ;)

Tiadaghton Rocks Radio said...

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