Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Puppies' Day Out

Because we don't live in a city, the puppies we raise in the winter don't get to meet new people very often.  When we have sweet pups like Sue, it's not so much of an issue, but if they are like Try, more reserved, then we (I) have to make more of an effort to get them out.
So today was town day.
My friend Sarah came along and showed Sue that yes, indeed, her legs do work on the shiny Petsmart floors,
and Try and I worked on his social skills.
Try was thinking the place was pretty cool and then he spotted them -and stood completely still...
Gasp!  What is THIS!
It's a chinchilla, Try.
No.  Those aren't for you.  Let's go down another isle.
Here's a nice toy.
I don't want this.
It isn't a chinchilla.
Well, how about this one?
Stupid toy.  Because you are not a chinchilla I will destroy you!
This one is good.  It crinkles.
Hmm.  Maybe.
Ok, Mom!  Can I have this one?
Luckily, even a border collie can be easily distracted at 9 weeks old.


livin life said...

Now that is very very funny!!! Maybe you can convince Try that Poe is a black and white smooth coat chinn...oh never mind!

thecrazysheeplady said...


Monique said...

I love it - Have you ever gotten to see the chincillas run top speed? That is one fast critter :) Would give even June a run for her money.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!! Chinchillas are puppy sized sheep!! try knew that, why didn't you?? LOL!!

- Cat