Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rising Stars

You can say you knew them when, but after the commercial the puppies and I filmed today, you'll probably want their autograph too.
They were all wonderful and hopefully, no one gets too big for their britches and will still talk to me when they accept their Patsy's (the animal Oscars).
They had their own dressing room,
 and plenty of fans who wanted to meet them.
Then we got down to work.
While the other pups, took five, Fleece prepared for the starring role with me and talked over her motivation with the director and cameraman.
She was a pro and remembered all of her lines.
 Fleece took a break after that, (child labor laws say kids can only film for a little bit at a time)
and we switched to my Jed dog.
The idea of the commercial was to advertise a method that helps you choose the right puppy, to make the perfect dog for you.
So Fleece was supposed to be my choice, and in the great Lassie tradition, Jed plays the part of a girl (Fleece) grown up.
Jed was then wrapped and the real film making began.
We brought in the WHOLE litter - plus Nell, a new puppy we just bought.
Filming continued, but not everyone was interested in staying in frame.
We had puppies over here,
and a couple over there,
and two runaways behind us,
and then there was this:
which might be considered performance art.
After the melee, Fleece had a couple more shots to finish up,
 where she practiced her method acting.
Then we were finished and we all went home, where the puppies started reading scripts and picking out their next roles.


Monique said...

how fun is THAT??!!

Susan said...

Too cute! Your commentary was great, also!

onecollie said...

what fun! And I totally get to say I know them :)

Camp said...

are you sure they weren't there filming a "Breck" girl commercial? haha this is too cute..and they asked the perfect person to do it!

Freddi said...

Both Jenny and the puppies were perfect in thier roles. And Jed ... exceptional! Great pictures and excellent commentary on the adventure! thanks so much Jenny you and crew are fantastic!

Unknown said...

Jen, your commentary was "as funny as the adorable puppies. Jed was also Patsy worthy. Thanks for making me smile this morning. Making me smile before 8:00 is also Patsy worthy if not improbable. You may have a new career in the movies but to be really successful, you need to keep the whole litter for supporting roles.

Beka said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Love your commentary.

thecrazysheeplady said...

How fun!