Saturday, October 5, 2013

Skid And The Stink Bugs

We are in Virginia right now for the border collie National Finals.
This year, they are having a big problem with stink bugs, so that means Skid is having a big problem with stink bugs.
They are annoying because they come in the camper and walk on the walls, but they don't bite or bother you too much.
However, they bother Skid alot.
If you squash one (or bite one) they emit a stink and taste badly so he's learning to keep his distance, but he still doesn't trust them.
I sleep better at night, knowing Skid has my back and will continue to watch the stink bugs.

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Anonymous said...

Jax goes after the Japanese beetles...

KC used to eat potato bugs (i.e. "cooties") and throw up. That never stopped him, but when one pinched the inside of his mouth, it slowed him down!