Thursday, December 20, 2007

He's Making a List

I got word that our local Humane Center was going to be visited by Santa this year and that he was going to pose for pictures with the dogs and cats in our area. I suggested to Skid that perhaps he should take advantage of this opportunity to talk to Santa about changing his status on the naughty list. My feeling was that Skid's history of getting into the trash, stealing Scott's cookies and that indiscretion he committed in the camper, could be forgiven with a favorable visit. We practiced posing in front of the Christmas tree and then decided that Lad should come along as an example since his name was permanently engraved on the nice list.

Since I didn't think Santa would be impressed by two stinky farm dogs, the day before the visit the boys got a bath.
When the day arrived, Skid and Lad eagerly entered the Humane Society and greeted all there. Then it was time to go into the back room and meet Santa. We walked in and while Skid was busy watching and trying to decide if it was a good Santa or a bad Santa, the helper walked up behind him, unhooked his leash and tried to pick him up. Skid was surprised and screamed and flipped over on his back and threatened with his teeth. After a scolding, and then the bribe of a cookie, he followed Laddie's good form and sat with Santa for his picture. On the way home, I told Skid it was worth a try but I'm afraid that after trying to bite Santa's helper, he should just resign himself to that lump of coal and try it again next year.