Monday, December 31, 2007


Something happened the other morning that surprised me so much that I wasn't sure I really saw what I saw. I decided to repeat the course of events to see if the result was the same (ok, and I got this really cool new camera to play with). The day began as it usually does with Petey greeting me at the barn yard gate.
He was waiting for me to go in the chicken coop to feed and water the chickens. As I opened the door, he slipped inside. I didn't worry about it, knowing that he was just going to steal an egg for his breakfast and I busied myself with my chicken chores.
Just as I was finishing up, I noticed a chicken had stopped eating and puffed herself all up. She seemed to be staring at something so I looked to see what had her all in a kerfluffel. I spotted Pete trying to hide behind the nesting boxes and staring back.
Just then the hen exploded! All the months of being stalked and harassed and having eggs stolen had finally been too much and she couldn't take it anymore. She leaped at Pete and started beating him with her wings and screeching. Pete was astounded and ran for his life. (so fast that the fancy new camera almost didn't catch it)

When I finished laughing I followed Pete's path outside the hen house and found that he had climbed the 7 foot coop walls to sit on top and try to dust off his dignity.

I guess Pete actually won in the end tho because I felt so sorry for the fat barn cat that I didn't want him to miss his breakfast. So I cracked the egg open for him myself.