Thursday, July 10, 2008

All Good Things Must End

The second half of my vacation was strictly for the dogs. Hemp enjoyed his herding time but was unable to dodge that dangerous California weed, the foxtail. Fortunately, it's travel into his foot was brief and it worked itself out without much damage. Next, we spent two days visiting Lake Isabella which was being used as a water pick up to help fight the fires.None of that bothered the dogs tho and Lad spent his time either fetching toys out of the water or waiting for someone to throw a toy in the water.
Hemp still wasn't comfortable swimming and was grateful for help wherever he could get it.
Skid continued to indulge in his obsessive compulsive disorder and kept himself busy. His plan consisted of searching underwater for the perfect stick and then taking it to shore.

We think he was building a dam.
All too soon the fun was over and I packed up my exhausted dogs, said goodbye to the California windmills, and prepared to return to the Alberta windmills.