Tuesday, March 29, 2011


At night, Alaska, who is now 5 months old, roams the farm helping Togo bark at real and imaginary predators.
During the day, she is stuck in the barn and the adjoining corral. It's time for her to learn some boundaries and she's not in there by herself.
I have a sheep with an abscessed hoof who is also in there.
Not everyone is happy about the situation but that's just too bad.It also allows Togo to catch up on some neglected tasks that he couldn't do with the White Princess tagging along.Alaska wants to know the number for the local Humane Society.She wants to report some abuse.


Bev Sommer said...

Our Griswald is the same age and is feeling the same sentiments as Alaska! He's currently tethered in the ram pen for roughing up ewe almbs!

Cathy said...

Getting so big....