Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Melissa

I have been to Kentucky several times, but today was the first time I got to visit the Horse Park.
It is an impressive farm dedicated to all aspects of horsemanship.
For me, seeing some retired famous race horses was a highlight.Funny Cide is only 10 years old but won some legendary races when he was a young gelding.He had very good manners.

Cigar, on the other hand, at 21 was still giving his groom fits with his nipping.Perhaps he can be forgiven his attitude when you find out that he won 16 races in a row and although he was unable to produce any foals, he is still intact.My absolute favorite part of the park was the grave of Man O' War.The greatest race horse. Ever.


Sarah said...

wow!!! so jealous! that would be so amazing to see!

have a great time at the Bluegrass!

Lindsay said...

I totally agree. Man O' War was the best race horse.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You really get to take the Animal Lover/Worker dream vacations!! I am so jealous of your wonderful opportunities!


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing. Both horses look great! Nice to "see" them after all these years!

Ryker said...

The horses are beautiful athletes still.
Have you checked in on your dogs? How are they doing back home?