Monday, May 2, 2011


The sheep limo (aka Louanne's truck and trailer) came to pick up the sheep yesterday.We send the sheep and guardian dogs to Phantom Ridge when we travel so the house sitters only have to deal with the cats and chickens.
Poe is a full time job.

This year, instead of loading the sheep the way Scott did last year, we did it my way (and Louanne's)and took them right through the barn and they loaded much easier! Shhh - don't tell him I said that.It was a tight fit but we finally got them all in.Then we loaded the guardian dogs.
Alaska is not happy about any of this and has reportedly been causing trouble at Louanne's.Fortunately for me, this is not Louanne's first time dealing with a belligerent Akbash.

Togo thinks it's all a grand adventure and rode the 2 hour trip to Louanne's on his hind legs so he could see out the trailer windows and let his jowls wave in the wind.
Many thanks to the sheep crew - Lisa, Louanne, and Jerry!


dogsforlife said...

Love the Photos. Togo looks a lovely dog, similar to our dog.

Ryker said...

Wow, going on trip is no easy thing! Guessing cows are quite a bit different than sheep to your dogs. Luckily they are in good hands : ) Have a great vacation!

Cathy said...

Have a safe and successful trip. Do you keep up your posts while you travel? Any time you want to sneak in a picture of Jill would be fine with me!

Happy Travels!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great picture of Togo!