Saturday, June 4, 2011


Our newest puppy, Mike, was too young to take on this trip with us when we left.
So we asked our friend, Jerry to puppy sit him until we get back.
Let's check in on Mike at his foster home...Gasp!
I blame Dan, the Aussie!
My innocent boy couldn't possibly have thought of such destruction on his own!See!
He's very sorry and promises not to ever do it again.At least until the next time.


Ryker said...

uh oh Mike, I'd be hiding too if I were you. But then again your so cute I don't think anyone could be mad at you for long!

Anonymous said...

So is their couch propped up on flower pots because border collies tend to get hopelessly wedged under furniture when they are trying to get lost balls? :-D At least, that's what happens at our house!