Friday, June 24, 2011


We are still a couple of weeks from home.
Right now we are at a clinic at Heather Russell's farm in Michigan.
I should be doing some book keeping.
Instead I am fooling around with picture textures.


BCxFour said...

Textures are a blast! Have you found the huge number of free textures on Flickr? I love the different feelings and moods you can bring to a picture with a texture. So many possibilities! Have fun!

Monique said...

Textures are fun. I bet BCxFour approves of your font choice for "Alta Pete Photo" too :)

Grandpuppy Rye is looking very much like a red version of daddy these days, except he does not have prick ears.

Anonymous said...

love your blog Jenny look forward to seeing you and Scott soon.

Hal said...

Hi there i quite enjoy your blog. I am just new at bloging and a bit unsure, could you take a look at my blog and see what you think.

Cathy said...

Looks like Paradise!