Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Fotos

Everyone keeps asking if June is a good momma.
The answer is, Absolutely.
But sometimes a girl needs some time off to talk to an adult once in a while.
So then June calls in a babysitter.
No. Not grandpa Don.
He's not interested, but Old Bob-dog is happy to keep an eye on them,
and when he's tired, he tag teams with Skid.
While she's on her break, June spends most of the time following her man around the kitchen,
hoping he might drop more food since she's been getting some pretty good stuff while she's feeding 6 babies.
And then she goes back to being a warm breathing pillow and milk bar.
Hopefully, that will hold you over for a while!


livin life said...

I've got puppy fever!!!!!!

Alice said...

Oh how lovely! They are all show stoppers!

Cathy said...

They are all beautiful. Have fun. Ours just turned 8 weeks. We only had 3, thank goodness, and one just went to his new family. This family has never had a puppy before, and they have never had a border collie, so they really didn't have any idea what they were getting in to. They have their hands full. Haha!

gvmama said... the little face pic. Brings back memories AND I am going to keep those as memories LOL All of our females are spayed now. Two litters was enough for us. :0) When I need a fix, I will look to you guys.