Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Beauty

We are having our first cold snap of the season. It's really a minor one (by Canadian standards), but since we were enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, everyone is whining about the change. Leaving the house is no fun.

Of course, chores and training must continue, but I am still a
California girl so I take the proper clothing precautions.

Sometimes the cold creates the most beautiful scenery. Last night we had a hoar frost. Don't know what creates it except that the air feels wet when it happens . When we wake up everything sparkles and there are crystals everwhere. Even the ugliest trees are transformed.
As pretty as this is, I believe any picture can be improved by the addition of a dog (especially one of my dogs). Hemp agreed to pose for me, thereby bringing the beauty up a few notches. Salem, my house cat, thinks it's a funny game to sneak outside when I am holding the door open for the dogs. If you stop him from escaping, he howls and catterwalls all through the house until you give up and let him out. This time, I opened the door for him to go out and he couldn't believe his good luck. There it was, a clear avenue of escape! He rushed to the door and then stopped dead in his tracks. And that was as far as he got.