Saturday, November 3, 2007

You'll Ruin Your Eyes

Jed is an odd dog, to say the least. One of his quirks is TV watching. You can tell him to lay down and behave, and he will until an animal appears on the screen. It doesn't matter if he's seen this kind of animal before, he knows it's an animal and he will jump up and bite the screen. The wierd thing is, if he saw that same animal live, unless it was a sheep he wouldn't even notice it was there.
His favorite television program is the PBR. He waits quietly while the bull is in the shute but the second the bull is released and starts bucking, so does Jed. He bounces and spins until the 8 seconds are up and then he waits again for the next bull. Needless to say, sometimes Jed's enthusiasm has to be cut short or the tv will be in danger of falling over every time he bites at it. PBR finals are this weekend. Don't forget to watch. Jed won't.