Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sled Dogs In Summer

While we were in Banff, my parents surprised me with a tour of the Snowy Owl sled dog kennels. Although I really enjoyed it, if you want to see some actual Iditarod sled dogs, (the dogs at Snowy Owl were bred for visiting tourists) I would encourage you to visit the North Wapiti sled dog kennel in Athabasca, Alberta. By touring that kennel you will support a 2010 Iditarod competitor and her team of dogs.
Back to Snowy Owl:
When we first arrived, they were getting ready to take some tourists out on the trail. You can see that these dogs hate their job.

Romeo was the first dog we visited with who looked us over and decided we all passed muster.
Although most of the dogs were happy to see us and snuck a kiss from my nephew, Tyler, when ever they could,
others would prefer we go away and leave them to mind their own business. Many of the dogs looked like wolves but there was only one who could actually claim that title. I don't belive in wolves or wolf hybrids being kept as pets but Tok was very well taken care of and was often brought out for off leash walks in the woods with a trainer and tourists.

Unfortunately our time ran out and we said good bye to all the dogs.
They appeared to be be sad to see us go.

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Robert said...

I love the animals so cute. the last one is really cool of the wolf.