Friday, January 23, 2009

Doin's On The Farm

Sorry for not posting sooner. Things have been rather busy here but lambing is just about finished and things should start to slow down a little bit now.
So what has been going on? Well, in the chicken house we have a "new" chicken- notice the white one in the back. She's not actually new. She's really the oldest chicken on the place. She came a few years ago with 8 others and they've been living free in the barn. Unfortunately, her sisters are all gone now so I've given her a new retirement home in the safety of the white house where all the red chickens live. It's got a heat lamp and regular food and water and warm straw. Practically a spa compared to what she was used to in the barn.
The quads (the 3 lambs plus the stolen one) have decided that only "C" and "D" need to be bottle fed. All four are nursing off their mom just fine but C and D like to get some milk from the bottle to help lighten their mother's load. In addition, two ewes decide they only wanted singles instead of the twins they actually had, so along with C and D, "17" and "18" are also getting bottles. It makes for interesting fights for the nipple at feeding time.
Kit takes her guardianship even more seriously now that she has so many babies to watch out for and spends her days and nights scanning the lake for coyotes.Hemp has progressed alot in his first lambing season. Along with figuring out how to handle ewes and lambs, he has also learned to lay and wait patiently while I do chores around the barn. This has been the hardest thing for him to master as he has way too much energy to be still.Inside the barn/nursery, we are keeping our newest set of triplets. They'll stay in for a week or two to make sure they get a good start (and to make sure they don't need to be supplemented with a bottle - knock on wood).
Of course in every group there is always a trouble maker and this triplet likes to explore.
Last but not least, Cali has also moved into the barn/nursery and the mice have moved out.

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