Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lambs In The Kitchen

Lambing is in full swing now and so far, we have had 18 lambs born. Every year some lambs need a little extra boost to get going and today we had our first two of the season. It's no big deal. We bring them into the house and put them on our heating vent in the kitchen. Sometimes we cover them with towels heated in the dryer and then give them some warm lamb formula. This is Skid's second lambing and he's an old hand at it now. However this is Poe's first lambing. At the beginning, he felt he needed to show who was boss and threw a couple of tentative slaps that never quite reached the lambs. (you never know when one might get up and bite you) But in short order he had it all figured out and with his steady partner, Skid, he kept watch over the lambs until they were ready to go back to their mom. And then the team went back to doing what they do best.

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