Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mouse Hunt

Last night I came upon Skid in this position. I wasn't all that concerned at first. He often scoots under the couch to rescue a ball or lost toy. However, when he was still there an hour later I started to wonder. It took another hour before he did move and when he ran over and started pawing at the dog bed, it dawned on me that perhaps he was working back up for the cats. When Salem joined him I knew I was right. Skid was mousing! I guess if Salem and Poe are busy, I still don't need to worry - none shall pass. (Monty Python reference) Salem swooped in and quickly dispatched the intruder. I've blocked out the mouse's head because it was just a baby and actually kinda cute but I made sure to leave the tail showing 'cause it really freaks my mom out. (Tee heee hee)

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