Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puppies' Freedom

With the nice weather we are having, I decided to take the puppies on a walk to explore the front yard with all my dogs.
First, formal introductions to you all...
Tick is pleased to meet you,
and Scamp(er) says "Likewise. Charmed I'm sure"Skid would have liked to have joined us but he was busy saving the world from those dangerous gophers.During the walk a spontaneous game of tug of war broke out between the pups
and the winner was,Laddie. (it's all about Lad don't you know)
And to finish the day off Hemp started them on harassing the cat. It's never too early to start on bad habits.


Camp said...

the pups are adorable and I just love their names....but... let us not forget.... it is ALL about Laddie..heehee


Laddie's Fairy Godmother

onecollie said...

Pleased to meet you too!! Trick & Scamp!

onecollie said...

oops, Tick !

Angus said...

Good to see the bad habits starting early.

thecrazysheeplady said...

The Laddie part was the best. Well, and Poe. Did he spank em'?