Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skid's New Digs

Skid's old camper was falling apart. It was old and starting to rust and wasn't going to make it down the road for another trial season.
What to do?
Buy him a new one, of course!He really appreciates the camper company putting his image on the outside.

Of course, this now creates a new dilemma: where in the camper should he pick to be his "spot"?
On the couch?On the bed?Ah, yes. The Big Boy chair!


Michele said...

Skid is one of the cutest dogs ever!

Sarah said...

OMG he is the best.

Anonymous said...

The camper is pretty nice to.

Camp said...

YES the Big Boy Chair..go for it Skid!

Love the camper..your pictures are even better than the brochure! can't wait to see it in "real life"

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sweet new digs, but we're going to miss the fun stories about your old trailer catching on fire... ;-)