Monday, March 29, 2010

Minimal Monday - The Road Less Traveled

The thing that most people notice about the road to our house is the one lonely tree.
Trees are few and far between on the prairie.
If you continue down our road, you will eventually find yourself almost to the lake. Many lost people detour down it looking for a direct path to the water.This week the sheep too are looking down the road, trying to find where we took their babies.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Courage Of Lassie

Ok, maybe he's not Lassie yet but my mother's young collie, Kane, went to the Collie Nationals this week and showed that with his versatility, perhaps there is a Lassie just waiting to come out. It really wasn't that long ago that my mother bought Kane and they have been working hard on their agility so he could make his debut at the Nationals this year in Los Angeles. Their work paid off with a 3rd and a 2nd in started jumpers!
That was so easy that they decided to try a couple of other events. This is Kane's first time on sheep and I can tell by the pictures he made me proud! (by the looks of it, he made my mother proud too)
He passed his instinct test with flying colors. After that they decided, "Why not try to get his Canine Good Citizenship title?" This is a test to prove that you have a well mannered dog that can handle himself in any situation.Easy peazy. Kane added the CGC title to his name.
Lassie's long time pal, Timmy (Jon Provost) was a very special guest at this year's Nationals. Remember him?
Since Lassie couldn't be there, Kane offered to stand in and proudly showed off his medal to a congratulatory (and all grown up)Timmy.Good Dog, Kane!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skid's New Digs

Skid's old camper was falling apart. It was old and starting to rust and wasn't going to make it down the road for another trial season.
What to do?
Buy him a new one, of course!He really appreciates the camper company putting his image on the outside.

Of course, this now creates a new dilemma: where in the camper should he pick to be his "spot"?
On the couch?On the bed?Ah, yes. The Big Boy chair!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Minimal Monday - There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea (Prairie)

There is a rather large hole in my front yard. It probably started as a gopher hole but over time, thanks to some industrious dogs, it has become fairly large.
I looked out my front window the other day to see one of the barn cats walking towards itand then, to my surprise, she got in.
I have no idea what the fascination with that hole is but the next time Salem was outside,
he decided to check it out.
(knowing Salem, he did it to irritate the barn cat)This didn't go over well. But there wasn't much to be done about it so they came to a mutual agreement:
Pretend the other doesn't exist and that you are sitting where you are sitting because that is how you planned it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Puppies' Freedom

With the nice weather we are having, I decided to take the puppies on a walk to explore the front yard with all my dogs.
First, formal introductions to you all...
Tick is pleased to meet you,
and Scamp(er) says "Likewise. Charmed I'm sure"Skid would have liked to have joined us but he was busy saving the world from those dangerous gophers.During the walk a spontaneous game of tug of war broke out between the pups
and the winner was,Laddie. (it's all about Lad don't you know)
And to finish the day off Hemp started them on harassing the cat. It's never too early to start on bad habits.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Minimal Monday - Horse Whisperer

I know "Minimal Monday's" was supposed to be about me becoming a better photographer but I had to show these pictures:
My mother took these last weekend of my 1 year old niece Katelynne meeting her very first horse at her Great-Aunt and Great-Grandmother's house.
Katy was very excited when she saw him but settled down and everyone said the horse stood perfectly still for her to pet him on the nose.When Katy's Great-Grandmother was young she had a licence to train Quarter horses to race on the track in California when no other woman did.Perhaps Katy has inherited her Great-Grandmother's horsemanship skills...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mouse Hunt

Warning: this blog contains scenes of violence that might not be suitable for children. (or anyone who thinks Mr. Jangles of "The Green Mile" was a cute little mousey)

This morning Salem informed me we had a mouse and would I please open the linen closet door.I told him I saw no mouse but he and Poe settled in to wait and told me to go about my business.
I'm not sure how they do it but a mouse always appears. I suspect they have a secret ability to make mouse calls:
"Come on mousey, I have some cheese out here. It will be fine. There's nobody here but us cats."
The poor mouse is in for a big surprise when the proverbial cat and mouse game is played out literally on them. Salem lets Poe run the chase but provides back up if needed.Really, guyz. This is mean. Just get rid of it.And I say once again, Mom. No. I do not have any mice in my house.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Minimal Monday - Posin' Pups

The last of the pups will be going to their new homes by the end of the week. (other than the 2 we are keeping) I managed to catch a few pictures because they will never be this cute again.

Playa and Rush

(front row- black pups) Tick, Scamp and Playa (back row - red pups Rush and Socks)



Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Shepherd

Togo has finally gotten this guardian dog thing down you gotta be pretty clever to sneak up on him now. Only one year ago this month he looked like this and when I met him he was so cute there was often a doubt that he could frighten anything, let alone a coyote. Next month he has his big test- he'll be on his own for two months while we travel. There will be neighbors checking up on him but ultimately he'll be in charge of the farm.
Togo, I have complete faith in you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Minimal Monday - Window Cats

Barn cats in the old grainery windows