Monday, May 31, 2010

Minimal Monday - Chickens In The Sun

The Kerales Farm chickens enjoy their morning in the warm sun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Auld Farm

Having always lived in the Western part of North America, (first California and now Alberta) what I think is old is not really old. When we go back east, I get to feed my history obsession and really visit old. (what would I do in Europe?)
Right now we are at Kerales Farm. An OLD farm built in the early 1700's (for my Canadian friends, that was when the US was still part of Mother England).I was impressed by my 100 year old barn until I saw this one.
The original parts of the barn are about 300 years old!How many farmers have touched those stones in three centuries?
In addition to history, the farm also has my favorite kind of sheep!
Scottish Blackface!I don't think the animals here are as impressed by it's age as I am. The chickens are just grateful that the barn is warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer.And has lots of cubby holes to hide eggs in.Hmmm. That's alot of kids.
Perhaps she shouldn't have found such a good hiding spot.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Minimal Monday - Finally A Beaver!

I've lived in Canada for 7 years now and I have always wanted to see a beaver. I know the prairies aren't the first place you'd expect to see them, but it's not like I haven't traveled to other parts of Canada.
Ironically, the first beaver I get to see is in New York state. (for my US friends, the beaver is the National symbol of Canada - the beaver fur trade helped build the country) Overnight he moved into the dog's swimming hole and so we had to suspend all swimming privileges until he left the next day. (I have it from more than one authority that dog vs beaver incidents don't go well for the dog)He was a little camera shy but I was glad I got to meet him.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

A few weeks ago I got to make my annual visit to Exquinox Farm, home of Sarah and the whole Punkin' Patch gang. The one I was most excited to see was the newest member of the farm.
Hank.Obviously, his job is protect all of Sarah's sheep, each of whom has a name and is well loved. They, however, hate Hank and don't think they need him.
He is not allowed in their click and they ignore him with their noses in the air.Hank doesn't hold it against them and keeps them safe anyway.
His best pals are last year's bottle lambs Keebler and Graham Lamb. They grew up together and spend most of their day looking to see what problems they can create for their patient owner. Trouble making aside, not a sheep has been lost since Hank came to the farm.Just doin' my job Ma'am

Monday, May 17, 2010

Minimal Monday - End of the Bluegrass

When the Kentucky Bluegrass trial is over, after the sheep have seen hundreds of dogs over the 5 days, they want nothing more than to relax and eat some Kentucky Bluegrass

Monday, May 10, 2010

Minimal Monday - Where Love Still Grows

There is a little spot at the edge of a clearing, at Laura and Mike Hanley's Kentucky farm, where love blooms and a little tear comes to your eye.At first all you notice are some flowers and some stones but as you get closer you get a taste of the memories that live there.And then you feel peace.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To My Mom

Thank you for always being there for me.
Thank you for letting me pursue my dreams -even when they were different from your friend's "normal" kids.Thank you for watching over me.Thank you for showing me how to be a lady - sorry it didn't really sink in! I'll probably always be a ragamuffin.
But most of all, Thank you for loving me.Happy Mother's day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Driving Lesson

With Scott doing all the driving on this road trip I can get a little rusty at it.
I thought maybe I should take a driving lesson.
In case you too need a brush up, here is what I learned:

First, pick a knowledgeable instructor who knows and loves the vehicle. In my case, Sara from Exquinox farm otherwise known as "Punkin Patch Sara".You must have confidence in your teacher's control so observe them in action first.Ride along with your instructor and don't just try to do it all by yourself the first time. Make sure you understand how it all works.Now it is time for you to go solo.Be observant of obstacles in the road.Don't be distracted by your friends and never pick up hitch hikers.Have your instructor show you how to watch for traffic and cross safely.Respect your transportation and keep it clean and well cared for.And always make sure you use the finest fuel.