Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Left Behind

Lad and Hemp and I are going away with my friends Louanne and Lisa (and their dogs) to a trial in Washington State this weekend. No husbands and no Skids. What?! Yes, I'm afraid this will be one of the few times Skid doesn't get to go on a road trip.
He's not happy and vows to pout on the couch all weekend and not lift a paw to help Scott with the chores. The only good part? At least he didn't have to get a bath like Lad and Hemp did.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Down to Work

My gentle giant, Togo, has started his new life. I miss getting to play with him all the time but the sooner he bonds with his sheep, the sooner I will get to be his friend again. Right now he is living in a small pasture with the sheep so he won't be tempted to come over to the house. When he first saw the sheep, he was very happy to meet them. However, they weren't as happy to see him. As he was wiggling his way up to them, one girl butted him and told him to settle down. Togo's feelings were hurt but they seem to have made peace now. Of course, Kit is there to help him learn the ropes.And although I haven't heard him bark at anything yet, he has already learned how to put his stoic guarding face on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We are finally on our way home.
Today we are traveling through South Dakota, on the very road, almost 2 years to the day that we picked Skid up on. Remember the story?

He seemed very interested in the scenery. I often wonder what his life was like before we got him. Does he miss it? Does he even remember it (or did he get amnesia when he hit his head on the pavement)? Are you happy with your new life, Skid? I'll take that as a yes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad Guests

We just left another Pennsylvania farm and we are on our way to a Michigan farm. (if you are keeping track there are only two farms left and then we head home). We try to be good guests but with all these dogs we tend to do some damage. Some times it's minor, like just digging a hole or two and sometimes it's bigger, like chewing a hole in the cloth shading the puppy x-pen. And some times we don't recall away from the sheep pens when we should and we end up putting a sheep through a fence...
led to this,
which led to this. Sorry Buddy! You're safe now.