Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I don't have a story to tell you for this entry. All I can say is we were at a trial in North Carolina and this Miniature Horse and her foal were brought out.Wouldn't you just hate me if I didn't show you these pictures?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Melissa

I have been to Kentucky several times, but today was the first time I got to visit the Horse Park.
It is an impressive farm dedicated to all aspects of horsemanship.
For me, seeing some retired famous race horses was a highlight.Funny Cide is only 10 years old but won some legendary races when he was a young gelding.He had very good manners.

Cigar, on the other hand, at 21 was still giving his groom fits with his nipping.Perhaps he can be forgiven his attitude when you find out that he won 16 races in a row and although he was unable to produce any foals, he is still intact.My absolute favorite part of the park was the grave of Man O' War.The greatest race horse. Ever.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Monster Within

I don't know alot about campers.
I didn't realize that they came with their own monster installed.
That's ok.
Skid's got us covered.Apparently, according to Skid, our monster is behind the couch.I guess our monster also comes equipped with it's own invisibility cloak 'cause I've looked behind and under that couch and I can't see it.And it's very quiet, 'cause I can't hear it either.
Thank goodness Skid can.I sleep well at night knowing that Skid has our back.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toy Story

My dog Jed loves toys. Unfortunately, he also has the jaws of a pit bull and the toys never stay in one piece.
Then he eats the pieces and has to have very expensive surgeries.

A few years ago a friend brought me an "indestructible" toy.
It came with a note that said, "Green means go. Red means stop."It took Jed 15 minutes (yes I timed him) to get to the red.

Obviously, the toy is not for Jed.
However, I keep it in the truck for our puppies to play with when we are traveling.
Jed has figured this out and keeps finding my hiding places.

No, Jed.I SAID NO, JED!JED! THAT'LL DO!Caught you!Good try, Jed.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The sheep limo (aka Louanne's truck and trailer) came to pick up the sheep yesterday.We send the sheep and guardian dogs to Phantom Ridge when we travel so the house sitters only have to deal with the cats and chickens.
Poe is a full time job.

This year, instead of loading the sheep the way Scott did last year, we did it my way (and Louanne's)and took them right through the barn and they loaded much easier! Shhh - don't tell him I said that.It was a tight fit but we finally got them all in.Then we loaded the guardian dogs.
Alaska is not happy about any of this and has reportedly been causing trouble at Louanne's.Fortunately for me, this is not Louanne's first time dealing with a belligerent Akbash.

Togo thinks it's all a grand adventure and rode the 2 hour trip to Louanne's on his hind legs so he could see out the trailer windows and let his jowls wave in the wind.
Many thanks to the sheep crew - Lisa, Louanne, and Jerry!