Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

And Now We Wait

Today is June's due date so are you ready for the big puppy reveal?
PUPPIES!  Here, Puppies!
Are they coming?
Do you mind?
I'm trying to gestate here!

Of course we all know you can't rush these things and June is in no hurry.
We started her twice daily temperature taking, and as long as the thermometer still looks like this,
we won't be seeing any puppies for a while.
So we wait.
Even her lamaze coach doesn't know for how long.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


No the title of this post does not refer to the Broadway musical.
It has to do with the beasts that, through no fault of their own, (ok, Poe is a little at fault) are the torture devices of my border collies.
I used to never have a problem with my dogs and cats.
Old Bob and the dogs that came before him, couldn't care less about the cats.
Bob would like me to clarify that he never chooses to snuggle with the cats but sometimes, when he wakes up from his old dog naps, Poe is just there.

Laddie was the first of my dogs to have an issue.
He obsessively lays down whenever there is a cat around.
I think it's the only way he knows how to control his urge.
The urge to just have a little taste.

Then there is Hemp.
Really, there are no words to describe his obsession.
He needs therapy.

Now Ford is starting to show he'd like to join in the family business.
So far the cats still have him under control but he spends alot of time talking about it when he's in his crate.

And then there is Try.
He doesn't care about the cats he just wants sheep.
Thank Goodness for Try.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Although Mikey has started back to work, he still needs walks several times a week to continue to build his muscles.
So we go to the neighbor's farm because they have big hills, and Mike brings a couple of his buddies along, Ford and Jed, so they can stretch their legs too.
We rarely see the neighbor's horses, who have free reign of the large pastures,  but the other day, one of the young jokesters decided to put on a show for us, and get a good back scratch at the same time.
 and then the shake off...
and a goodbye kiss for Jed.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Alta-Pete, The Next Generation

When we trial at the highest level, we are often only allowed to use two dogs (Lad and Hemp)  so there is no point in having any more than that.
you have two retired dogs, (Bob and Jed)
you are training the replacements.
 and Try,
are the up and comers.
They don't look like much more than puppies now,
but in a few years, they will be ready to be my main dogs.
Lad and Hemp better keep one eye looking behind them,
the youngsters are gaining on them!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Try has been growing alot in the last month and a half.
He's still trying to decide what to do with his ears,
and he has spent alot of time observing and playing with the big dogs.
However, he's decided they are crazy and he'd rather be a momma's boy.
 Try isn't the only one growing though...
Little June has been putting some pounds on too, but since her due date is only 3 weeks away, we'll forgive her.
Life is so hard when you are eating for 6.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcoming The New Year

with some new lambs!

Our lambs usually never come all at the same time.
So far we only have 4 ewes that have lambed but today was their first trip outside and the first time they had ever seen lambs other than their twins.
They started out hesitantly,
but pretty soon they were best pals and forming a gang,
and electing a leader.
Woohoo!  I'm number one!  I'm number one!
Togo stayed out of the way, but kept an eye on the proceedings in case a referee was needed.
But soon enough the day was over, and Laddie was waiting to take them all back to the barn,
so that when the sun went down, everyone could sleep in the cozy warm straw.