Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keep on Truckin'

We got a new truck. Wait a minute. Let me try that with a little more enthusiasm. WE GOT A NEW TRUCK! It's not that I'm not excited it's just that I wasn't finished with the old one,but Ford leasing said otherwise.

It put us in that proverbial rock and hard place. We were way over the allotted mileage, (I know, it was stupid to do a lease in the first place but know that it was just as hard a place then as it is now) and the buyout just wasn't worth it. After many late nights of research Scott decided that we needed to switch to a GMC because the mileage was so much better. Oh, yeah, and we're buying this one and even though the payments are painful, the savings on fuel should be worth it. The new truck had to be big enough to haul all the dogs down the road in our dog box, pull our 30 ft. travel trailer and do farm duties like hauling bales since we don't have a tractor. An aside here: this is why we turned the Ford in with a severely damaged tailgate that we had to hand back to them (aka don't try this at home) .

The new truck will have the dog box added in a few weeks and has all the bells and whistles that Scott was hoping for. Of course, Scott didn't have the final say. He had to pass it by the navigator first. It had to have one very important feature.
A Skid Stoop.
NOTE: Skid has requested that he not be used as the butt of every joke or the punchline to every blog entry. I will try to be disciplined to his request for at least the next couple of entries.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

This summer I will be traveling, by myself, from my home in Canada to where I grew up in California. I've done alot of traveling alone and I have never worried about my safety. I always take my dogs with me and as long as Nessie has been around I have felt protected. The truth is that Nessie was a big sweet dopey dog who loved meeting new people, but if I whispered the magic words "Watch 'em" Nessie would change into a barking, lunging attack dog.

If you didn't believe her show of bravery and continued to come toward us, she would bite.

Nessie is gone now and this will be my first trip without her. I have been wondering what I will do for protection from now on. The border collies would be more likely to wag their tails nervously if I was harassed than do anything constructive. I am now proud to say that someone else has stepped up to be my new guardian.

You laugh. Maybe even mock but I'm here to tell you that Scott has learned his lesson. Skid thinks Scott is a good buddy UNTIL he starts to pester me. Then woe to his shirt sleeve!

So watch out all you evil doers. There is a new dog on the block and he will not tolerate any funny business. Think to escape? Think again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Old Bones

The dogs are allowed on the couch. There. I've said it. My name is Jennifer Glen and I am a dogaholic. ( I also have some great photo's of Scott and his dogs on the couch but I'm saving those for blackmail when I really need it) Bob and Chip have lived in the house since they were puppies and they have always been allowed to climb up for a nap or a cuddle. And, of course, Skid has his own use for the couch.
There are times when the dogs can't get on the couch. (gasp) If Scott and I want to stretch out or we have guests, then Chip and Bob are expected to lay on the floor. They don't have a problem with this but we put in hardwood floor last spring and the dogs are getting old. Chip will be 10 next week and Bob will be 9 next month and the floor can be uncomfortable for older dogs.
I was feeling bad for the aging dogs so I decided to invest in a couple of dog pillows and put them on the floor for the dogs to sleep on. I went out and got them yesterday and I am very happy with them. Yep. Pillows for the dogs. Good idea. I'm so glad I bought some pillows for the dogs.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


We've had no new lambs since the first two. The girls are pregnant alright but I guess they don't think they are ready yet. They seem to be handling it ok. I haven't noticed any uncontrollable food cravings and nobody's ankles are swollen. Although it looks like those skinny legs couldn't possibly support that weight.

Apparently this girl is going to give birth to an elephant.Despite what it looks like, this one isn't pregnant. HE's been neutered.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Work and Play

I don't want to give the impression that Kit is all work. On the contrary. She's quite playful and has even made herself a friend. Meet her friend. When you have friends you hang out together alot. Friends also partcipate in the same activities.
And friends share.

After hangin' with her friends, Kit likes to relax a little.

And THEN it's time to go back to work.
After all, she has some very important charges to protect.