Thursday, January 17, 2008

Old Bones

The dogs are allowed on the couch. There. I've said it. My name is Jennifer Glen and I am a dogaholic. ( I also have some great photo's of Scott and his dogs on the couch but I'm saving those for blackmail when I really need it) Bob and Chip have lived in the house since they were puppies and they have always been allowed to climb up for a nap or a cuddle. And, of course, Skid has his own use for the couch.
There are times when the dogs can't get on the couch. (gasp) If Scott and I want to stretch out or we have guests, then Chip and Bob are expected to lay on the floor. They don't have a problem with this but we put in hardwood floor last spring and the dogs are getting old. Chip will be 10 next week and Bob will be 9 next month and the floor can be uncomfortable for older dogs.
I was feeling bad for the aging dogs so I decided to invest in a couple of dog pillows and put them on the floor for the dogs to sleep on. I went out and got them yesterday and I am very happy with them. Yep. Pillows for the dogs. Good idea. I'm so glad I bought some pillows for the dogs.