Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keep on Truckin'

We got a new truck. Wait a minute. Let me try that with a little more enthusiasm. WE GOT A NEW TRUCK! It's not that I'm not excited it's just that I wasn't finished with the old one,but Ford leasing said otherwise.

It put us in that proverbial rock and hard place. We were way over the allotted mileage, (I know, it was stupid to do a lease in the first place but know that it was just as hard a place then as it is now) and the buyout just wasn't worth it. After many late nights of research Scott decided that we needed to switch to a GMC because the mileage was so much better. Oh, yeah, and we're buying this one and even though the payments are painful, the savings on fuel should be worth it. The new truck had to be big enough to haul all the dogs down the road in our dog box, pull our 30 ft. travel trailer and do farm duties like hauling bales since we don't have a tractor. An aside here: this is why we turned the Ford in with a severely damaged tailgate that we had to hand back to them (aka don't try this at home) .

The new truck will have the dog box added in a few weeks and has all the bells and whistles that Scott was hoping for. Of course, Scott didn't have the final say. He had to pass it by the navigator first. It had to have one very important feature.
A Skid Stoop.
NOTE: Skid has requested that he not be used as the butt of every joke or the punchline to every blog entry. I will try to be disciplined to his request for at least the next couple of entries.