Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Report Card

Kit has been with us almost three weeks now and has passed all her tests. She takes her job very seriously and definitely considers the sheep hers. She tolerates our use of them but supervises all activities. If you've had a guardian dog before then her behavior will be nothing new, but I am fascinated by the duty that she feels is necessary. During the day, she will cat nap periodically but at night she is on guard.
She feels her sheep are safest when they are near the barn and the field is dangerous territory. If we take a few out to work with the dogs, she will go ahead of us, wagging her tail and stand on the far side of the sheep protecting them from lurking coyotes but not getting in the way of our training.
She would have made a good pre-school crossing guard. If the sheep get wandering about and pass by the field, Kit will stand in the break in the fence and keep the coyote traffic from running over her sheep. Lambing starts very soon. The sheep are very comfortable with Kit around and I rest easy knowing that she has it all under control.