Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Day

It was a big day today. Poe came home. I set him up in the bathroom until he was comfortable and slowly introduced him to the house menagerie. Skid was first. Poe declared that he wasn't the least bit amused by the hooligan and decided to keep his distance.Salem stated that the situation was insufferable and he was blowing this joint. However, he made sure to inspect all of Poe's belongings, and then went and checked on his own stuff to be sure nothing had been changed.When he felt comfortable, Poe wandered out to the front room where he met more dogs.
Oddly enough, despite his declaration of intolerance, Salem continued to "accidentally" end up running into Poe. Then Poe tested out the couch for use as a scratching post,and finding all to his satisfaction, an uncontrollable cat nap took over.