Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Proud Pop

This is Chase and her new family. Originally her owner was worried that she wasn't pregnant. Chase responded yesterday by whelping 9 live puppies. Her owner is keeping this one. Mummy's little twin. Why am I showing you this litter of border collies out of all the ones born in this world? 'Cause in about 8 weeks one is coming home with us! We're thinking about this one. She was number 8 born and pretty tough since there was a bit of a wait in line. Number 7 was having some difficulties so there was a bottleneck. Chase's owner says that she is pushing all the other pups away from the nipple to get her fill. Yeah, that's what Scott wants. A pushy dog. She'll do. Oh, and just why would she be so pushy? She comes by it honestly. Pleat is her father. Sorry, no smug and proud pictures of the father today. He's out back smoking 9 cigars.

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