Sunday, March 8, 2009

The New Kid

We held sheepherding lessons at our farm again this weekend. It was a little cold but some had been here before. They knew what to expect and put on their Carhart jacket and got ready to work.For others, it was their first visit.
This is Pixel. Isn't she cute? She's only 7 months old and everyone loves her.
Everyone except maybe Wicca. Wicca used to be the Queen Bee but ever since the baby came, Wicca's been second fiddle. "Pixel's so cute! Pixel's so smart!" It's starting to wear on Wicca. This time She didn't think she had it in her to work her sheep so Pixel got to try it out. And guess what? She was good at it! Wicca was demoted to watching through the fence. I don't think she was all that happy about it.
If I were you Pixel, I'd watch your back.

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