Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puppies Day Out

If you haven't been reading my trial blog, you might not know that we have been traveling. Our trial season has begun so we are on the road for two months. Right now we are in Michigan with no trials for a week. We are using the time to dry out from all the rain and train on the dogs. Most of the pups have gone to their new homes but June, of course is with us. We are also hanging on to her brother Crue (as in Mutley Crue). He'll be with us until the end of May when his new owner picks him up at the Kentucky Bluegrass trial. Syn and Dave are along too but today was about June and Crue.
They got their first vaccine today and since the rain had stopped, I thought they could use a day out of their pen to forget about their problems. So I took them out to the sheep field.
The day started with a good wrestling match. (All I can say is that it's a good thing Crue's new owner is a groomer 'cause the first thing he needs after this kinda fun is a bath)Then there was some discussion as to which side of the pen they should be on.A water break was then in order, since they had been working pretty hard.After that, June started looking around to see what else they could do.She decided that perhaps Scott could use some help. And they were glad they joined him because they briefly got to see their very first sheep.And when June and Scott had finished their day's work, they went off to eat their dinner and relax.


Phantom Ridge Border Collies said...

How cute is the pics of Scott and the pups. Love the one of Scott and the pup walking off.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love June's ear! She's beautiful.

Lilliam said...

Love the one with Scott walking away and June at his she's proving that yes, she's *all* grown up and can do what all the other dogs can do!!!