Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Although not intense bird watchers, Scott and I do enjoy the raptors that we share our farm with. Every winter we get excited for our annual visit from a female Snowy Owl and we've been known to put flags around a hawk's nest in our hay field so the young family can live safely. I like to take a walk into our back field to talk to the young owls that hatch every year, but for some reason, I get the impression they don't appreciate my conversation. Perhaps it's because their return comments are limited to the clacking of their beaks.
These guyz were born this winter and have been living in the shelter of our trees.So I was curious to explore the Alberta Bird of Prey center that was only 30 minutes from my house. My parents visit gave me the excuse to finally visit.

I was incredibly honored to get to handle this little guy.He's a Burrowing Owl and is an endangered species. I've never been so close to such a rare bird.

Spirit, the Golden Eagle has a touching story. He had been found by the side of the road, shot through the head and breast. He survived his ordeal but was left totally blind.He held no grudges and allowed people to touch him. You could see him turning his head to catch sounds to make up for his lack of sight.

Call me a silly American, but I'm still awed by the fierce look of this fellow...My mother also had a good time on the tour and found herself the most popular kid in school when she pulled out some chicken food.Remember those babies in the trees? Well, the highlight of the visit for me was to meet an adult version. A beautiful Horned Owl.He was clearly as excited to meet me as I was to meet him. (Trust me, he's happy on the inside.)


onecollie said...

cool!! I got to hold Gordon, the owl too!! I also got my picture taken with Lincoln the Eagle but they wouldn't let anyone hold him...I would have loved to touch the burrowing owl & Spirit so I have to go back for sure!

Joan said...

what a great place to go Jenny! I miss watching the owls in Lancaster. We once counted 25 owls all flying out of those trees. Then there was the great owl/raven war. Never did find out what that was about.

Lilliam said...

What a fantastic place to go to! Love your Mom's smile...she looks like she's having a blast! And you look exactly the same as the last time I saw you!!! Just as cute as you were six years ago!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I would have loved to seen all these birds. So beautiful. I had a great horned owl do a swooping fly-over one night when I was sitting out with the boys. Awesome birds!