Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Doin's in the Dog Yard

I'm always fascinated by our dog yard. Our dogs get plenty of free run time twice a day but it's what they do when they are tied up that entertains me. They are able to interact with the dog on the next barrel but I'm always curious as to what they do with their own space.
This year, we were going to plant trees for shade but with the drought, we figured that would be a loosing battle so we were back to our lean-to shaders.
In the heat, Gael uses hers as is,
but Sleat has added a basement.Just as we were getting used to the heat, Southern Alberta changed and we are now experiencing a few days of cold (42F all day today) and rain. So I added some straw to the barrels. Not because it is cold enough to need it, but so the dogs can use it to dry out when they get wet.
Now that was endless entertainment for young Dave the Dog.Dave is 6 months old and has only recently been assigned his own barrel.I guess the addition of straw changes everything and it's serious business arranging it properly.Periodically he would come up for airand come out of his barrel just to go back in and start all over again.Be grateful that I didn't attach a soundtrack to this chore - it would have gone something like this, "bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark..." and so on. He's easily amused. Of course, since I'm amused by the easily amused, what does that make me?


Unknown said...

What a good Sleat. When is she going to build her attic?

onecollie said...

you're easily amused by the easily amused!.....love Sleat's basement addition!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love the basement :-).

Sarah said...

haha Sleat!! nice renos!