Saturday, August 29, 2009


Bunny Agility
Yeah, you heard me right. They were at a trial we are at right now. Apparently Bunny Agility is pretty cut-throat. You gotta stay on top of things if you want to be the best. They told us about another club starting up.
I have it on good authority that they are just fly by night and won't make it.
The club I watched has the record high jumping bunny.
The crowed was enthusiastic.
Or was that bewildered?


Sarah said...

oh my!

Jane would like to join that club, and she thinks Skid should be vice-president :)

the bum shot made me laugh outloud!

Anonymous said...

Who's the precious little cowpoke?

gvmama said...

Are you sure that's a rabbit in the first two pictures...look likes a mutated Pug. ;0)