Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Replacements

We warned them. Remember?
If the strike didn't end we were going to bring some new workers in.
We weren't bluffing.
The replacements are here but a little shy right now The regular workers are calling them scabs.
Every time the new gals show their faces, those on strike threaten to kick some chicken butt.However, everyone gets along at break time.Production is up.
Way up.
Too up.
I can't eat this much every day.Anybody need some eggs?


Kathy said...

We'll be getting some new ones to start filling in the gaps of egg laying that our older hens are having. But we're getting chicks. How did you get so lucky as to get older hens that are already laying? Lucky you!

Jenny Glen said...

One of the local Hutterite colonies were getting rid of their one year olds who they considered "done" laying. Obviously they have several more years of use left so I took 3 and took 2 more for Scott's mom. They had no feathers at first but are growing some now and have really great temperments - friendly and easy going. I was lucky to find red chickens as most colonies use white and they don't get as tame as the reds.

Camp said...

Somebody better start baking up a pound cake or two....use up those eggs ;-)

No said...

Ice Cream!

A friend takes my eggs and makes delicious ice cream, esp salted caramel ice cream

Kathy said...

You were lucky to chance upon the colony getting rid of one year olds. I can't believe that they think that they are "done" laying at one year of age. We get many years of laying from ours.

Enjoy the fresh eggs.

Anonymous said...

you can freeze your eggs for later baking, or make a few quiches for the freezer if you really want to use them up!